The CPCC deepens an organization’s understanding of a person’s social intelligence and effectiveness with:

  • selection, recruiting, and onboarding
    • the quality of hires (candidate’s suitability for a particular role)
    • the hidden aspects of a candidate (that are often difficult to extract in the interview process)
    • predictability of a candidate’s performance
    • productivity (by highlighting relevant strengths and derailment behaviors)
  • talent management strategies
    • employee / leadership development
    • high potentials
    • succession planning
    • career satisfaction, employee retention, and company culture
    • team building and collaboration efforts

Important Note: This assessment is designed to measure personality traits. It is a self-report questionnaire which relies on and measures the information provided directly by the participant. It is based on the examinee’s willingness to be open, honest, and self-reflective so that his/her true beliefs and tendencies are accurately recorded. This assessment is non-clinical. The Capistran Personalized Competency Calculator (CPCC) does not measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health or values.

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