Senior Leaders: Who Covers Your Blind Spots?

It can be very lonely at the top. Senior leaders have the pressures, constant challenges, and profitability of the entire organization on their shoulders. If they fail, numerous people will be stormily impacted.

The power of positive influence has a colossal impact. As leaders, we need to act by choice and lead by example. Comradeship brings comfort. The trailblazers of the world realize that to expand their potential they need a vastly skilled, collaborative coach to best support their growth and to cover their blind spots.

Executive coaching expands skills, behaviors, and motivations. It is a platform to support individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Creating and sustaining a professional relationship with a trusted advisor with whom there is mutual respect and transparency is a coveted perk. Leveraging and nurturing the power of this relationship is invaluable in the priceless solutions that it generates.

Coaching is used in all aspects of our world culture. Coaching is most well-known for maximizing achievement in professional athletes; business has followed suit by also investing in coaching for high potential and already successful professionals. Huge rewards can be gained by growing the effectiveness of someone who is already generating high merit.

As leaders climb the ladder of success, traditional training has not proven to be advantageous. Instead, individual constructive sessions that have been customized to help overachievers learn to identify and cover their own blind spots is on the rise. Collaborative work of this nature allows those who are at the top to continue to break through to new heights in their quest to reach their peak performance level. Receiving guidance and insight by a trusted, highly skilled coach allows leading performers to think, learn, and obtain sustainable results beyond what they have accomplished in the past.

Not all coaches are equal. Exceptional coaching practitioners bring broad and deeply relevant experience which allows them to get right to the core of the matter. Benefits should start immediately and continue throughout the engagement. The best coaching partnerships support their clients to make smarter decisions with better precision. Those leadership coaches who have a primary focus and skill set for strategic growth with a forte in human dynamics will provide the most acceleration for their clients. They can bring thoughtful, visionary, and smart approaches that are grounded in real world solutions, correlated to the specifics of the client. Insights need to be specific, immediately actionable, and organizationally aligned. This customized approach is implemented to optimize attributes and improve skills, increasing the stream of success.

Coaching can also provide a great advantage with team dynamics. I have found that coaching smaller groups is more productive than coaching larger teams. This allows for more purposeful results with regards to collaboration, best practices, quality, and overall progress. A seasoned coach who is experienced in strategic and tactical results can assess and elevate the level of performance, providing a view that brings forward new angles. The infusion of new ideas moves people beyond their innate methods. Coaches work to blend the diversity of the group so that everyone appreciates and respects how each of the team members adds meaning to support the bigger goals of the organization.

Here are some primary objectives that I consistently observe being accomplished through collaboration with a highly skilled leadership coach:

  • Fine-tuning priorities, thoughts, and efforts
  • Early detection of critical path issues
  • Effectively addressing complex change
  • Mitigation and management of crisis situations
  • Expanding decision-making efficiency
  • Empowering and inspiring to achieve optimum performance
  • Building and maintaining stakeholder relationships
  • Broadening awareness
  • Expanding communication skills
  • Creating sustainable results
  • Efficient sounding board for “what’s keeping you up at night”

We all have the potential to develop ourselves further, higher, deeper, and wider. In this rapidly-changing world, companies can lose their edge in the blink of an eye. Infusing a keen fresh perspective from a well-seasoned leadership coach can expand and broaden your organization’s reach. Having that winning view can outpace your competition.

If you are committed to gaining, enhancing, and fostering human performance, coaching is an investment that empowers prosperity and a strong yield on the return on investment (ROI).


About the Author: Nancy Capistran, PCC, CPC

Nancy is considered “911 for Senior Leaders” as she is often referred to as the “glue” for thorny situations. As a Multi-Certified International Coach and Founder of three Start-ups, she is currently the Principal of Capistran Leadership, LLC, and co-founder of Crisis Interception, LLC.

Nancy is passionate about accelerating success by challenging the status quo. She offers a unique opportunity for businesses and their executives to fuel growth and innovation through a different lens. Many have remarked on how Nancy radiates positive energy. Her experiences, guidance, and natural storytelling skills move people in a way that inspires them to reach for and acquire higher levels of achievement.

Nancy has broad and deeply relevant experience, which allows her to get right to the core of the matter. Her temperament promotes extraordinary results by deepening her clients’ knowledge, improving performance, and enhancing overall success. Her focus and multi-dimensional perspective, combined with a wide variety of techniques, assists her clients in successfully navigating timely transformational shifts. She is committed to further enhancing her client’s’ growth and dexterity with a skilled perspective. 


Podcast: The Entrepreneur Way

Nancy Capistran was interviewed by Neil Ball, The Entrepreneur Way Business Podcast and Blog.  The topic was: Being Comfortable with Change to Become Successful.  To become successful through change, we thought we’d first share Neil Ball’s story as he has a love for helping people who share his passion for the entrepreneurial way of life.  He lives in England, UK with his wife and 4 kids.


Is Business Culture Really That Important?

I was asked to present at the Chief Executive Officers’ (CEO) Club – Presidential Advisory Council – Boston Chapter, on Leadership. They inquired as to what specific topics would provide the greatest value. I provided the top requested subjects below (in no particular order):

  1. Crisis Management: Are You Prepared for the Inevitable?
  2. What Makes a Great Leader?
  3. Is Business Culture Really That Important?
  4. Pushing the Envelope with Smarter Decisions and Better Precision.
  5. What Do You “Really” Want?
  6. When Executives Don’t Play Nice in the Sandbox.

The Chairman of the CEO Club decided on, “Is Business Culture Really That Important?”. What follows is the overview of my presentation.

A healthy culture is no longer an option — it is an urgent need and it must start at the top level of organizations. Approaching employee involvement as a business strategy, yields clear and improved results.

WHAT IS COMPANY CULTURE?  It is the “heart-beat” of an organization. It encompasses the values, vision, beliefs, methods and habits of an organization.

There are clear benefits to having a strong, unified company culture. Organizations with engaged, happier personnel, outperform their competition; it’s a competitive advantage. A robust culture elevates retention and increases the probability of higher-quality referral hires. It supports healthy employees (physically and emotionally) which reduces absenteeism and tardiness. Additionally, it accelerates productivity, profitability, and organic growth. Employees tend to be more attuned to the needs of the business and their customers. They are more observant of processes, standards and systems which provides for a greater commitment to quality and safety. It also increases the organizations brand value.

In the Chairman’s Blog, dated: Jun 13, 2017, titled: The World’s Broken Workplace by Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO at Gallup states, “the practice of management has been frozen in time for more than 30 years.” Today’s workforce, especially millennials, want to work for companies that help them grow and develop while having meaningful work with flexibility to do it. According to Gallup’s World Poll, “many people in the world hate their job and especially their boss.” “Only 15% of the world’s one billion full-time workers are engaged at work. It is significantly better in the U.S., at around 30% engaged, but this still means that roughly 70% of American workers aren’t engaged.” We need to transform our workplace cultures for better results.

Multiple triggers can cause low engagement, under performance and retention problems, and it’s often hard to diagnose exactly why people are not working optimally. Stress and anxiety in the workplace and the negative effects they have on motivation, engagement and performance has heightened significantly over the years.

Organizations have more success with engagement and improve business performance when they treat employees as stakeholders of their own future, and the company’s future. This means focusing on highly effective regular communication. While positive feelings, such as happiness, are usually byproducts of healthy engagement, they shouldn’t be confused with the principal outcomes. Rather, the primary emphasis should be on elements that engage workers and drive results. Such as clarity of expectations, the opportunity to do what they do best and consistently promoting genuine coworker relations.

As a senior leader, how do you go about making sure your employees are engaged? What sets your company apart? There is no one-size-fits-all “correct” company culture—every business is different. Take time to identify and highlight what makes your company unique. Then, decide how to regularly convey the new and improved culture. Remember to model the behavior both in everyday practices as well as from a strategic long-term planning perspective.

About the Author:

Nancy Capistran of Capistran Leadership is an internationally certified executive coach and trusted advisor for closely held, mid-market companies. Nancy has a temperament that promotes extraordinary results by deepening her clients’ knowledge, improving performance, and enhancing their quality of life and overall success. Her focus and multi-dimensional perspective, combined with a wide variety of techniques, assists her clients in successfully navigating timely transformational shifts. Nancy is also sought after as an inspirational speaker to accelerate the success for ambitious business leaders. Publications like the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), live business radio, and podcasts have interviewed her on a variety of occasions and topics. She also continues to earn professional achievements and accolades. She can be reached at Nancy@capistranleadership.com.


Nancy Capistran Earns High Praise

Boston Area Leadership Coach Receives USA500 Clubs Most Prestigious Award of the Year

Nancy J. Capistran earns high praise from colleagues for outstanding achievement in business

Boston, MA… Nancy Capistran, President of Capistran Leadership, LLC, was presented with the Most Inspirational Member Award for Outstanding Achievement by USA500 Clubs at their annual Night of 500 Stars Event. This annual award is the club’s most prestigious honor.

“Nancy Capistran epitomizes the spirit of our organization,” said USA500 Founder and Managing Partner, Joe Chatham. “Her unselfishness, professionalism, and warmth have made her a friend to us all.  This year, we witnessed how Nancy’s severe health challenges allowed her to serve as an example to us of how someone can overcome severe suffering with determination and grace and emerge even stronger.”

Tobe Gerard, President of Tobe Gerard Insurance, LLC, had the pleasure of introducing Capistran as a nominee.  Ms. Gerard said, “What makes Nancy so extraordinary is that she is a leader in both her personal and professional life.”  She believes that leaders impact every facet of our lives and that leadership is, in fact, a way of life.  She is well-respected and continues to provide great value as a thought-leader.  She thrives when her clients are dealing with the most extreme trials.  Her exceptional skills and abilities combined with her rebound-ability in her own life makes her ideally suited to add tremendous value to leaders of mid-market companies during crucial leadership situations.”

The USA500 Clubs Most Inspirational Member Award for Outstanding Achievement recognizes an individual who has had a significant and demonstrable impact over the past year towards achieving greatness, whether centered in a professional accomplishment, or overcoming a challenge.

“I am extremely honored and grateful to be selected the recipient of this year’s award,” noted Capistran. “My journey was plagued with health obstacles that required endurance and fortitude.  Each obstacle placed in my path pushed me to strengthen my character and resolve and propelled my business to a level beyond my expectations.”

About Nancy J. Capistran

Ms. Capistran provides critical leadership solutions for senior executives, allowing them to make bold moves faster and with greater precision.  Nancy’s passion in supporting leaders of mid-market companies creates a ripple effect throughout the organization.  Her company, Capistran Leadership, LLC, presents a unique opportunity to businesses and their senior leaders to thrive by looking through a different lens.  Nancy’s temperament promotes extraordinary results by deepening her clients’ knowledge, improving performance, and enhancing overall results – that matter most.  Her focus and multi-dimensional perspective, combined with a wide variety of techniques, assists her clients in successfully navigating timely transformational shifts.

About USA500 Clubs

An elite business collaborative dedicated to sharing commerce, learning best-practices, and enhancing interdisciplinary knowledge.  In addition, the organization facilitates opportunities to interact with centers of influence in the business, philanthropic, governmental and educational communities.  It is really a high-powered team — built on simple concepts like trust, loyalty, selflessness, camaraderie and humility.  The idea is to continue to create meaningful relationships between our members with the end-goal of enhancing commerce through opportunity-sharing and reputation enhancement.  USA500 represents 500 members in New England in addition to a presence that continues to grow in New York City and Connecticut.




CRISIS INTERCEPTION™ helps lead decisive change during extreme adversity. Providing mental toughness
and sound counsel. Crisis Interception intercedes to burnish the efficiency for reputational risk, preservation and crisis
response through:

• Influencing positive leadership to support the best interest of the brand and its stakeholders

• Activating steps necessary to achieve the best outcomes

• Setting and managing expectations

• Driving decisions and communications with one vision

• Assessing and adjusting plans as needed

In today’s 24-7 news cycle, successfully navigating a crisis is critical. Being adequately prepared can minimize the potential impact of a disaster, possibly even prevent it. If you are sufficiently equipped prior to a catastrophe, you could reduce the financial hardship, reputational harm, and protect the viability of your brand and overall business. How would you handle a major business interruption?

Veterans Nancy Capistran and Tara Goodwin are crisis experts with more than 50 years of combined experience. They have successfully managed crisis situations with high-profile individuals and companies ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups. In addition, they have strategic partnerships with hundreds of trusted advisors and industry experts and can leverage those relationships for you on demand.

The founders of Capistran Leadership and Goodwin Group PR share the same vision and philosophy on how crises should be managed and each has specific expertise in managing crisis situations from an internal and external lens. Combined, they offer comprehensive identification and management of crisis situations to minimize impact, maintain corporate reputation, reassure the public and enable internal teams to continue to do business while effectively navigating the crisis.

A companies brand represents its promise of quality and service. It takes years to build a strong reputation, yet moments to destroy it during the chaos of an unexpected crisis. This type of undesirable spotlight, requires highly-skilled concentration to calm the tensions that are boiling over. When uncertainty and adversity hits, every second counts.  It is pivotal that the emergency response is activated and supported by seasoned professionals with timely, smart decisions to support all stakeholders, internal and external of the business.  Companies that come-out-of-the-gate strong in responding to a disaster, have a better chance of bouncing back.  Those with a less-than-favorable response, traditionally experience an irrevocably-tarnished reputation.


  • Workplace Tragedy – employee, subcontractor, or client is killed or injured
  • Environmental Accident – chemical spill, gas leak, oil spill, explosion
  • Natural Disaster – sinkhole, flood, thunderstorm which disrupts business operations
  • Disgruntled Employee – fraud, theft, embezzlement, violence
  • Product Recall – safety issue or product defect that might endanger the consumer
  • Data Breach/Cyber Crime – sensitive, protected or confidential data that potentially has been viewed, stolen or used
  • Unauthorized/Inappropriate Spending (business / non-profits)
  • Advertising/Marketing Campaign Gone Wrong – offending/insulting audience, sparking outrage
  • Death/Serious illness of an Executive
  • Executive Under Criminal Investigation

Are you properly prepared for the inevitable business crisis?  Contact Crisis Interception to learn more.  www.crisisinterception.com


The Boston 100

Goodwin Group PR has just launched The Boston 100 which is a twice a month e-newsletter.  This newsletter highlights good people, good works and good companies in the Boston, MA area.  The articles span a wide variety of topics.  Here are just a few:

There is so much negativity in our world today.  It’s refreshing to see The Boston 100 bring-to-focus interesting, unusual, new, fascinating and compelling topics with a lightheartedness that brings a more positive spin on our news and entertainment.  These 100-word articles and 100-second videos will enhance our lives in a more meaningful way.

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Cancer Patients at Hope Lodge | Boston, MA

AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center | Boston, MA

The AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center in Boston offers guests in outpatient cancer treatment a community of comfort in a state-of-the-art building designed to meet their needs.  The 50,000-square-foot building offers an exceptionally clean environment thanks to extensive use of green technology.  American Cancer Society volunteers, together with staff, patients, and families, form a powerful network focused on a single goal: recovery.

Free transportation is available to Boston’s world-class treatment facilities and the Lodge is right across the street from public transportation.  The lodge provides approximately 14,000 nights of free lodging to cancer patients every year.  A typical guest spends six weeks at the lodge.  Guests must live more than 40 miles from treatment and require a three-night or longer stay.  Reservations are required as there is high demand at the Hope Lodge.  Staff is on-site 24 hours a day.  However, this is not a medical facility. No medical services are available. The AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center in Boston is made possible thanks to donations of time and money from a caring community.  The American Cancer Society operates 30 Hope Lodges nationwide, all providing the comfort of home with the power of support.

Volunteers such as the group shown in the above picture: Tomorrow’s Women Today, provided an Ice Cream Sunday event at the Boston, MA Hope Lodge for cancer patients and their caregivers. Nancy Capistran, Business Growth Advisor specializing in human dynamics and founder of Capistran Leadership said “Being part of this activity was very special.  Putting a smile on their faces – was priceless. As a cancer survivor myself, I can relate to the intensity of the cancer journey.  It was very rewarding to be able to serve those going through such personal turmoil.” Capistran also added, “After scooping ice cream, it was so meaningful to be able to visit with many of the patients. ”

Hope Lodge not only provides free housing and rides to and from treatments, their focus is to also provide a supportive network that encourages interaction with others going through similar situations.


Growth Strategist

Business Growth Strategist in human dynamics

As a Business Growth Strategist with a specialty in human dynamics,  Capistran Leadership (CL) is devoted to accelerating success by challenging the status quo. CL represents a unique opportunity for businesses and their senior leaders to fuel growth and innovation through a different lens. As a business growth strategist, they have a temperament that promotes extraordinary results by deepening their clients’ knowledge, improving performance, and enhancing overall success even in the most extreme of circumstances. Their focus and multi-dimensional perspective, combined with a wide variety of techniques, assists clients in successfully navigating timely transformational shifts.

CL provides high-value results. They bring thoughtful, visionary, and smart approaches, grounded in real world solutions. Their insights are specific, immediately actionable, and organizationally aligned.

Traditional clients are high-profile individuals, or closely-held partnerships, CEOs, and senior leadership teams of mid-size companies. CL support them as they scale their business and achieve optimum performance. Their clients are driven to innovate and improve; they embrace growth and are committed to sustainable success. CL is attuned to the challenges leaders face working “in-the-business” and “on-the-business”. They keep the conversations tactical and strategic to best support their client’s objectives.

CL partner with executives to expand their precision in dealing with unique challenges across their organization, including customized solutions with:

– Leadership and Business Acumen
– Crisis and Community Management
– Business Growth, New Business Development, and Turnaround Operations
– Mergers and Acquisitions

CL is regularly sought after as an inspirational speaker and strategist. Publications like the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), business radio, and podcasts have interviewed them on a variety of occasions.


Are you ready to accelerate your success?  If so, let’s chat.  508.589.4577 or info@capistranleadership.com | www.capistranleadership.com

Thank you for your consideration.


There is nothing “soft” about soft skills.

Soft skills are vital to successful outcomes. What do we mean when we use the words “soft skills?” They are our personal attributes that indicate our level of emotional intelligence in interacting with others. Most people are more focused on our hard skills, which are our technical skills and abilities in performing tasks.

Soft skills help you relate well to other people. It doesn’t matter what age, position, or industry you are in.  Soft skills are beneficial with every interaction and in all aspects of our lives.  Meeting people where they are, helps to build and maintain rapport.  Including, understanding and appreciating other’s perspectives, communicating in a way that includes active listening and being mindful of clearly, and effectively communicating our thoughts.

It also includes, making a positive impact by being thoughtful and thorough with decision making. Being decisive with integrity, meaning owning your mistakes – we all make them. Learning from our successes and misjudgments are part of our learning journey.

Focus and action bring results.  Making progress without getting sidetracked on the “shiny new thing” is a very important skill.

The most essential soft skill is balance.  A healthy balance is vital.  As individuals, we are the only ones that can truly determine what makes a healthy balance for ourselves.

Reach for your full potential

Change is Not Always Easy.

The sea of change is not always easy. Being intentional about choices and having the courage to do what is right can be very challenging, which is often where people get stuck. Understanding and appreciating what is needed to make the best change for you, is very important. When big waves are in your horizon be courageous, do what you must to prepare and stretch outside of your comfort zone. Making traction towards those goals can only happen through some uncomfortable moments of change. Stay the course to reach for your full potential. Believe in yourself and you will get there.

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